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Samsung smart TVs now 'useless' after software update

Samsung smart TVs now ‘useless’ after software update 

The scourge of TV programming refreshes has struck once more. Not at all like latest refresh issues, however, this time it's proprietors of Samsung as opposed to LG TVs who have been influenced. 

As at first detailed by The Guardian, it gives the idea that following a firmware refresh took off last Thursday (August 17), "thousands" of proprietors of various models of Samsung TVs are announcing huge issues. 

For some of those influenced, their Samsung TV either stalls out on one channel and won't answer to remote control charges. For others, the TV just stalls out on the home screen, or else their TVs just won't turn on by any stretch of the imagination. 

TVs detailed as influenced incorporate different models from the 2017 MU6, MU7, and MU8 ranges. So far as should be obvious, there hasn't yet been affirmed issues with any more seasoned eras of Samsung TVs or any of Samsung's 2017 QLED TVs. 

It likewise appears that, oddly, the issues are just influencing European models; there's no broad prattle about comparative issues on discussions or Samsung people group sheets in different domains. Nor does it appear that the refresh issues are influencing each MU set; looking through other MU proprietor discussions uncovers a lot of individuals with MU models yet to encounter any post-refresh issues. 

Arbitrators on the European Samsung people group sheets have nourished back, be that as it may, that Samsung knows about the issue, and have additionally recommended that a fix has just been found. In any case, it appears at the season of composing that this fix requires a designer visit, as opposed to being something that can be pushed out naturally. 

And also being badly arranged to clients effectively disappointed by not having a working TV for over seven days now, if the issue truly must be settled by an architect visit at that point dealing with everybody influenced could possibly take some time. 

Reports on Samsung's European people group gatherings likewise recommend that the main designer visit intended to address the issue finished in disappointment, with the architect taking the TV away for advance examination. 

I've reached Samsung for an official reaction to this circumstance and will report back on the off chance that they have anything to state. Additionally, in the event that you live outside Europe and have encountered comparative issues following a week ago's refresh, or you've encountered a similar kind of issues with a Samsung demonstrate.
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